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About DecalGirl

We buy these expensive gadgets and are quite content with it. Then suddenly a friend shown up whose Kindle′s panel looks snowy and pretty. You take notice. Then you spot someone with a royal blue iPhone which is nothing but the skin. Now you totally sit up! Then you see these things on the street and can′t decide if they are worth it or not. Well, DecalGirl is there to save the day! With skins of iPhones, Kindles and iPads on discount, you know it′s the good stuff and the right stuff! These skins are not just for the look good factor, but come to think of it, they are protection too! You won′t freak out when you drop your phone !

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The map of the headquarter from DecalGirl
  • Milton
  • 25448 Primehook Road
  • Milton, Delaware 19968
  • (302) 684-3466