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About BodyGuardz

Most people nowadays invest their money on things that they want to collect. These are the people called the "techy" ones. They just can′t help themselves whenever the latest upgrade comes out on the market. Most of them are over-protective ones because they buy all the accessories available just to make sure their gadget will last longer than normal ones. In that case, Bodyguardz coupons make come in handy.

If you belong to this type of gadget collectors, then using savings will be a lot of help for you. Bodyguardz is established since 2002, starting a marketing line of screen protectors for different handsets. As time goes by, the demand has been rapidly increasing which makes them extend their products to almost all brands that are out on the market. Their products are also known to be very affordable which also comes with the highest quality. With that, they are recognized as one of the fastest growing institutions in the industry. Deals are specifically designed to make sure that the consumer′s satisfaction is of high rates. They give discounts and other freebies so that they can attract lots of customers to purchase their items and at the same time, enjoy the savings they can have on buying their gadget′s needs.

The map of the headquarter from BodyGuardz
  • Bluffdale
  • 775 W Concorde Park Dr.
  • Bluffdale, Utah 84065
  • (801) 495-3514